About Zann

I’ve always been a writer at heart. I just didn’t always know it or act upon it.

When I was a kid and people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grow up, the answer I came up with was “A Storyteller”. It was the only thing I could think of that was noncommittal, yet somehow honorable at the same time. Often I would receive the comeback of “be careful what you wish for, because being a good storyteller means living a tough life.”

In many ways, that’s been true. But I’ve also had a charmed and blessed life, from my own perspective. It’s all just perspective when it comes down to it. What others view as having been a difficult upbringing is really just-the-way-it-was when you’re the one living it. Difficult? Hmm. Just reality. And I didn’t know any other way.

Knowing my childhood dream or not, people have always encouraged me to write my stories. When telling my stories, friends always say I should write a book. I’ve wanted to, but I’ve never really known how to get started. Until now.

2012 was an amazing year for my creativity. I write a gardening and urban adventure blog, and entered an essay contest that landed me publication in a respected horticultural magazine. I’ve been going to college for a few years now, as well, and things finally “clicked” with me. I’m on an amazing journey, and am eager to begin to catalog and share my life’s adventures with readers.

My intent is to use this blog as a means to begin composing a memoir, or autobiographical compilation of my life’s stories. Part of not knowing how to get started is the categorizing factor. This will, naturally, be an ongoing work-in-progress, and as I add stories and tag them to periods of my life I’ll be able to more clearly focus how to turn this project into a bound edition.

I have some great stories to tell, and I’m glad to have you along for the ride. I know you’ll enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them, so welcome to my autobiographical blog!


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